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All about Frequently asking question from Fa.Topeng for all Customer, please Read our asking questions for detail and you can suggest your question and we will publish them here. if you wanna more detail and clear please do not hesitate you contact us directly and we will response in quickly.

FAQs Fa.Topeng

  1. How to Order?
  2. Payment Methode
  3. Payment by Cargo or shiping Company
  4. How to contact Us
  5. LC and FOB system
  6. Type and color process
  7. Shipping step
  8. Other material used
  9. Price Terms
  10. Minimum order
  11. Pruduction capacity
  12. Design, size, Colors
  13. Warranty Product
  14. Order Status
  15. Order cancellation
  16. Change Order
  17. Freight Forwarder
  18. Shipping Insurance

Question: How to Order?


Order online is easy and quickly as order direct to our shop. Please browse our website and send your order by email to info@fa-topeng.com with all item codes and the quantity that you would like to purchase or fulfill our Order Form. Please inform us your name, email address, company name, city, country, phone, fax, and nearest port or airport from your location

You are welcome to our showroom and factory to see our quality of the furniture and other products

On Line
According in to the Furniture in our website please fulfill our order form with item code, Quantity, etc

Question: Payment Methode


Payment directly to our company

Direct selling

  • 45% down payment should be wired upon order confirmation. We are accept in cash, credit card (Visa & Master Card ). Starting to process order when down payment received.
  • 55%Balance must be paid at the time when the shipping company collect all the goods from our factory.
  • we accept payment by Bank Transfer TT.

On-Line Selling

  • 45% Down payment should be wired upon order confirmation.
  • 55% Balance must be paid at the time when the shipping company collect all the goods from our factory.
  • We accept the Payment by Bank transfer or TT

Payment Via shipping Company.

  • 45% Down Payment should be wired upon order confirmation in to our Company.
  • 55% Balance can be keep it to the shipping company therefore they will pay us at the time when they collect al of the goods from our factory.

Question: Payment by Cargo or shiping Company


Pay Deposit to Us 45% from total order
Money order you could keep in Cargo agent
We will confirm to you and your Cargo agent if the order already finish
If the customer was in the other country, the customer could transfer this money to Cargo agent
We will send again transfer proof completely to you Through the email or fax.

Question: How to contact Us


For online support Please call: +62-361-975295 (phone and Fax) in 24 hours

  • Email : Info@fa-topeng.com and fa_topeng@yahoo.com
  • Fulfill Our from in our Contact Form
  • Start direct to our messenger |

Question: LC and FOB system


You could ask completely to us about LC and FOB, and this had legal force and was believed, we will send the details to you via the email completely and clearly About this rule

Question: Type and color process


We have and used any color such as Dark brown, White wash and some other color if need it.
example colored process by 2 step

  • By Hand: Process to make it shiny polish using wax polish
  • By Machines: Furniture will smooth and better look and feel, but this will become more time need it, and more cost.

Question: Shipping step


Shipment service of furniture in which you order from our store, we will send the picture your Furniture order before cargo pickup and shipping to you, in this case if we already received the rest of the balance purchase order. We will contact your shipping agent to collect the items.

Question: Other material used


Usually we use Teak wood, Teak wood are first quality for furniture,.
For the other material we use Hibiscus, Mahogany and other local (Bali Wood) or by custom by customer it self.

Question: Price Terms


Price written in our website are based on product price. Welcome if you prefer FOB price, Please contact us with item product and quantity to enclose with.

Question: Minimum order


1×20′ container per month.

Question: Pruduction capacity


5×40 feet container per month.

Question: Design, size, Colors


  • We accept design of drawing along with detailed size. Please choose any color refer to our color chart.
  • We can modify design, size, color of our product appropriated of the customers want it to be.

Question: Warranty Product


  • We guarantee all items free from any production defect because during the production. They have gone trough tight quality control.
  • Claim Warranty

  • Please send photo as proof therefore we know the detailed problem damaged furniture will be replaced in your next order.

Question: Order Status


We will always keep in touch informed your progress order , Updated process by email. At the end we’ll send the pictures when it’s finish.

Question: Order cancellation


No refund on order cancellation because after received down payment we immediately process the order

Question: Change Order


We are not allowed to make any changes to the order written in the invoice after received down payment. Except if it’s notify.

Question: Freight Forwarder


We will sincerely help customer to arranging the shipment.
We are in very good cooperation with many reliable freight forwarder and shipping lines we can get the best rate and service on this. Or we are pleased to you to nominate the forwarder or shipping line on your side.

  • Shipment arranging by our company the payment could be sent together with balance purchase order.

Question: Shipping Insurance


The prices does not included insurance. Sometimes damage occurs during the courses of delivery.
In this case , we suggest to insurance your goods. The insurance cost is only 3% of your invoice value.
Please notify if you needed this shipping insurance.

Question: CATALOG


Unfortunately, we do not provide hard copy catalog our website is on-line catalog presenting all of our products with details.

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